Mindfulness meditation is a fast growing and expanding, evidence based approach to help manage stress and demands of modern life. It is widely used in the health sector, schools and education, commerce and business, even Politicians in the Houses of Parliament are practicing it!!

So what is Mindfulness?

When we become stressed or facing difficulty, we tend to react in ways that can sometimes make things worse. We try to avoid the situation or struggle to get rid of it, which can lead to additional problems and further frustration with ourselves.
 Mindfulness is about learning to be more aware of our moment-to-moment experience, bringing attention to our breath and body, and the world around us, without judgement. Instead of struggling to get to get rid of our difficulties, we learn to simply be with our immediate experience, as it is. When we are mindful, our attention is not drawn into past or future, we are not judging or rejecting our experience, and we become more fully present in our lives. Evidence shows it is effective in numerous areas, reducing stress, anxiety, recurrent depression, to name just a few.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Mindfulness is known to benefit a range of health and psychological problems, however it is not necessary to have any specific health problems to find it helpful.

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